Our Story

At Vitality, we make food for active living.

We believe that healthy food makes for happy lives, so we offer quick, easy and extremely nutritious meals for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

The recipes for our tasty and nutritious food have been developed by some of
Ireland’s best health, fitness and wellbeing experts. High in protein, fibre and all the key vitamins and minerals you need, Vitality is healthy food for
health-conscious people.

We have meals and snacks to suit every occasion: oats which can be enjoyed anytime as a cereal or in a protein shake, protein bars which act as a great snack between meals and workouts, and pancakes which make for a great breakfast or a tasty dessert.

For those with allergies and intolerances, Vitality is free of wheat and gluten, and contains no added sugar.

Vitality is now available in leading grocery outlets.