Frequently asked questions

How long can I keep my box of Vitality before it expires?

Vitality has a 9 month shelf life and there is a ‘best before’ date on each box

Can I give Vitality to my kids?

Yes, you can form part of their breakfast, lunch or snack to school. A 25g-50g serving size is a convenient meal option in your children’s lunch box.

I am Lactose intolerant – can I eat the Vitality Range

The Vitality Range is low in lactose and clinically lactose free despite it having a small amount of milk as part of the ingredient list. The Vitality Nutri-Pancake mix is completely lactose free.


The entire vitality range is gluten and wheat free and can be eaten by Coeliac’s. All the products have been analysed by a reputable laboratory and shown to be completely gluten free.

Can I eat VITALITY RANGE if I am a Diabetic?

Yes, VITALITY RANGE can be used as part of a healthy eating plan for people with Diabetes. People with Diabetes require a nutritionally balanced diet. The GI or glycaemic index is low for the whole range.